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From today's Irish Times:
PATRICK FREYNE AND HIS BAD INTENTIONS Nobody Ever Dies (Catchy Go Go Records) ***

A stalwart on Ireland's wired-up and weirded-out roots/ rock scene (with bands such as NPB and El Diablo, both now sadly defunct), Patrick Freyne clearly chooses to walk in the ditch and not the middle of the road. His debut album comes loaded with the experience of the outsider, the kind that values intimacy over insincerity and likes to spice (and spike) melodies up with shards of pointedly placed dissonance. The reference points are several but special and include the likes of Lee Hazlewood, Vashti Bunyan, Townes Van Zandt and Sufjan Stevens. It all amounts to nothing short of a roughly hewn gem, a record of small but crucial pleasures - adrift in the stew of surrounding commercial dross but so comfortable within its own skin that it's positively life affirming.

Huzzah for Patsington!
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