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Ju Ju is currently snuggled in Patsington's lap, having spent the last hour and a half on my lap. She is purring so loudly I can hear her from the kitchen. She is still a bit woozy after her operation, but seems generally fine, if a little cranky. She does NOT like her plastic ruff, and keeps trying to shake it off; she also keeps trying to scratch her ears. Speaking of which, they don't look as bad as I thought they would; I think she will look very cute and bear-like when the stitches come out. The worst thing is that she finds it hard to eat and drink while wearing the ruff, although that could be exacerbated by her doziness. Poor Ju Ju. But they removed the cancerous bit, and I pray that she'll be okay. Her admirers will perhaps be relieved to hear that her mixture of snuggliness and cross surliness is intact, even if her ears aren't...
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