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my life in bullet points

1. I went to the Knitting and Stitching Show yesterday! And got vast amounts of gorgeous Debbie Bliss cashmerino yarn in a sort of dark turquoise/teal shade, with which I am going to knit a cardigan from one of my other purchases, a lovely book of Noro patterns. It's ridiculously hard to get patterns for decent, fitted non-boxy, non-flowing knitwear, so I shall treasure this book, which is full of patterns for lovely snuggly yet (hopefully) flattering cardigans and jumpers. Also purchased: several more Addi circular needles, following my recent aquisition of a pair. How can I ever knit with normal needles again? It appears that I can't. Anyway, almost all of the above was bought from the lovely ladies of This Is Knit, who deserve the support of all Irish knitters because they are (a) lovely and (b) have fabulous stock.

2. After that woolen smorgasboard, I met up with some chums in the boozer, which was great fun, although I realised at one point in the night that while I am usually quite loud, I was actually yelling. And it wasn't like I was ranting about something in a state of rage, I was just conducting a fairly ordinary conversation. I really have to check this habit of bellowing rather than being, at least now and again, "ever gentle and low". What would King Lear say? Anyway, I blame my family for being, if it can be believed, as loud if not louder than me.

3. Last Saturday I went to a fancy dress party, except I wasn't in fancy dress, because I had been in town all afternoon and then to the cinema before heading out to the party, and so didn't have a chance to get changed into a costume. The party was great fun, anyway, and there was a lot of dancing, which was brilliant because those of my advanced years hardly ever go out dancing anymore. Also, my friends and I were almost the only women at the party not dressed in "sexy" costumes, which is something of a bugbear of mine. Not that there's anything wrong with dressing in sexy costumes, of course, but what's wrong with looking silly or funny or goofy? Anyway, it appears that my view is not widely shared; on Friday I was talking to my friend's younger sister about what we had done over the Halloween period, and I mentioned being at the party where everyone was wearing, like, catsuits, apart from me and about four other people and her immediate reaction was "god, you must have wished you'd dressed up more!" Which was rather depressing.

4. The film I saw before the aforementioned party was Marie Antoinette. I enjoyed it, because it looks incredibly beautiful; it's shot beautifully and the costumes are just staggeringly gorgeous. Also, the soundtrack is brilliant. But there really is nothing beneath the surface. And I can't believe they managed to make a film about Marie Antoinette that basically leaves out the French Revolution.

5. Ju Ju continues to thrive in her surly way, but with setbacks - on Thursday evening I took off her ruff. The vet had warned that if she started to scratch her ears, the cone must be put back on. For a while, all was well, and the liberated feline spent ages washing her poor little grubby head and fluffy bib. But then she started scratching at her scabs in earnest, and when she broke the scabs I had to put the cone back on, to her immense rage. I felt really guilty and awful, and she is still a bit cross. The scabbiness has almost completely healed, though, so I'll try taking the cone off again tomorrow.

6. I'm reading Claire Tomalin's biography of Katherine Mansfield, which is fascinating, as most of Tomalin's biographies are, although it doesn't pull any punches when describing how incredibly annoying Mansfield must have been. It is making me want to re-read her short stories, though.

7. Heavens, my life really has been quite dull recently, hasn't it? Still, that's not a bad thing, when it means knitting and hanging out with chums and lolling about with Patsington watching Yes, Minister DVDs and making each other laugh. Things are good.
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