The Monkey Princess (stellanova) wrote,
The Monkey Princess

the songs that we sing

Random Music Alert! If you have not heard my celebrity lookalike* Charlotte Gainsbourg's 5.55 album, get your hands on it now, because it's absolutely and utterly amazing, and 'The Songs That We Sing' is currently my favourite song in the world (you can hear it on her site).

Also, I have a feeling only kylegirl will appreciate this, but oh my God, Mary Worth is freaking hilarious at the moment. First drug-pusher Tommy makes a cameo reappearance (sadly without his "very own meth lab!"), and now Mary, the sanctimonious meddler, is being outmeddled by a new neighbour. To understand how I became besotted with a preposterous comic-strip soap opera, just head over to the Comics Curmudgeon and read the Mary Worth category.

*Well, she's the only celebrity that more than one person has ever told me I look like, if that counts. Although actually, in the photo on her site's homepage she looks more like another girl I know.
Tags: musik non stop
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