The Monkey Princess (stellanova) wrote,
The Monkey Princess

with the cowman?!

Wow, The Archers was really, really good tonight. And it's not often I say that without reservation. I really did not see that coming.
I was doing the washing up while listening, and at the moment when David realised that Ruth had been acting weirdly since Sam's departure, I literally froze. I didn't even put down the brush in case the clinking made me miss something. I stood there in a near trance until the episode was over, and I'm afraid to confess that I actually got quite teary a few times. Tim "David" Bentinck's acting was absolutely fantastic. In fact, the whole thing was exemplary radio drama. I'm sure tomorrow there'll be another exciting plot line about Tom's sizzling sausages or Adam and Debbie's farming rivalry (why is Debbie wasted on such boring stories? She used to be so cool!), but right now it's pretty great.
Tags: god bless the bbc, the archers
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