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Last annoyance? - A writer whose piece is already four days late refusing to respond to repeated e-mails and calls

Last disappointment? - See above.

Where was the last place you visited for the first time? - The park down the road from my office. I've since started going there every day, and regularly get menaced by swans.

Who's your favourite tv-presenter? - Simon Amstell. He on Popworld was the funniest TV presenter ever.

What's on your to-do-list for today? - Magically force errant writers to send their (late) pieces in; go home and attempt to tidy the house and cook a vast feed before dinner guests arrive at eight

Where will you next travel to? - Newbridge, probably

Have you ever had an addiction? – Books, and possibly fags

Are you any good at math? – as my sister said, pretty good but very rusty.

Last thing received in the mail? - a lovely card from lsugaralmond arrived yesterday - thanks, Lizzie!

How many different beverages did you drink today? - Tea, orange juice, milk, water

Have you ever been to a planetarium? - No.

Do you re-use towels after you shower? – Of course I do! Who doesn't?

Heavy or light sleeper? – I find it hard to get to sleep unless I'm totally relaxed and know I can sleep for a decent amount of time, so I can never sleep on public transport (or anywhere outside a bed, really) or take naps. But once I'm actually asleep I can sleep through a lot.

Are you impatient? – Yes. Very. I am all about the instant gratification.

Have you ever done ecstasy? – Yes. Not for ages, though. It was always good fun, although I did got off with my ex-boyfriend at the Trinity Ball in '97, which I don't think I'd have done that if it weren't for the influence of happy pills.

How much sleep did you get last night? - About seven and a half hours.

What religion did you grow up with? – Catholicism.

What do you like to put on your toast? – Butter! And scrambled eggs.

What is your favorite type of gum? – Wrigleys Extra.

Have you ever had anything removed from your body? – Two back molars (when I was getting braces), one wisdom tooth, adenoids and tonsils.

If it were possible, would you want to know the day you were going to die? – oh God, no. I hate the idea of knowing the future. The reason I have a genuine phobia of literature or films dealing with the end of the world is because the thought of knowing that death was coming at a specific time freaks me out so much.

What were you doing at 8 this morning? - Stumbling out of bed to be greeted by a shouting Ju Ju.

Something that happened to you in 1995? - I met Patsington. I (briefly) got what I really really wanted romantically for the first time ever (and no, Patsington wasn't involved). And I also met or made friends with a lot of people who are either still my closest friends or through whom I met other people who are now my close friends. Looking back, it was one of the most significant years of my life. It was all very dramatic and there was lots of angst, but I do look back on that year with a lot of fondness.

Do you talk a lot? - Ha! Yes.

Are you ticklish? - Very much so. Just someone's hands coming towards me in a tickling motion makes me writhe away or hit out.

Are you typically a jealous person? - Not in the sense that I feel my partner or friends can't have other friends, but I do feel huge aching pangs of jealousy at times. I used to find seeing a boy I truly liked with someone else absolutely and utterly unbearable. I could just about handle them not liking me (anymore), but seeing them with the person they liked instead was what would always break my heart.

A job you would never do no matter how much you were paid? - Writing for the Daily Mail

Do you use bleach on your laundry? – No.

Where did you live in 1989? – Drumcondra, Dublin.

Has your luggage ever got lost? - No, although I feel like even saying that will jinx me because I am always terrified that it will happen. I hover over the baggage carousel in a deranged sort of way.

Do you HATE commercials? – It depends on the ad

Are you a television addict? - No, not at all. I don't believe in watching TV for the sake of it - I only turn it on for specific programmes (like my beloved Coronation Street).

Do you consider yourself kind? - Yes, although I'm too selfish.

Do you like orange juice? - Yes

Do you play Lotto? - No.

Do you want a bright yellow 06 mustang? – No.</lj-text>
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