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Pinochet is dead, and I think we can be forgiven for not feeling in any way sad about the death of a revolting dictator who was feted by the world's super powers while brutally repressing his enemies at home. The Guardian reports on the reaction to his death in his native land, in which we learn the following:

However, even in upper middle class neighbourhoods where Gen Pinochet was once revered, his reputation has disintegrated in recent years, because of ongoing inquiries into financial crimes, including tax evasion and illegal weapons deals.

You know, I didn't mind when he was ripping out lefties' fingernails, but pilfering the petty cash? Now he's gone too far!

I should add that I am very strongly against such financial crimes, but come on, after years of dictatorship that's what pushes you over the edge?

Also, the Tories have returned "back to basics", with Ian Duncan Smith basically denying the existence of gay people and enthusing about the good old days. What days might those be, Ian?
'You can argue that our Victorian forebears succeeded in achieving something very unusual between the 1850s and 1900 in changing public attitudes by - dare one use the word - instilling moral codes. I don't want to suggest this was an ideal society, but it was one where a sense of moral values and of the responsibility people owed to each other did seem to be pervasive. There was a much greater sense of shame in respect of transgressions.'

Ah yes, those days! The days when children worked up chimneys and in blacking factories, when married women couldn't vote or own property, when people starved to death on the streets of major western cities, where venereal disease was rife among "respectable" married women because their husbands were regularly sleeping with prostitutes, when child prostitution was taken for granted, when there were actually even more single parent families in the UK than there are now because so many parents died young. Who wouldn't want to go back there?
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