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Well, hello. Christmas is (more or less) over and I am back in domestic bliss with Patsington, after four very nice days in the parental abode. I felt disappointingly unChristmassy this year, which makes me sad - usually I feel disappointingly unChristmassy right up to the very last minute and then it all kicks in, but this year I think I had so much accumulated work-related stress that I couldn't totally unwind even when chomping my way through entire tins of Miniature Heroes while lolling on the almost surreally comfortable chairs in my family sitting room. Bah. Still, it was lovely anyway, and I received many wonderful gifts (30G iPod from my parents! Jessica Mitford's letters (utterly wonderful so far) and other gorgeous goodies including a fabulous picture book about Frida Khalo from Patsington! A brilliant book about Marie Antoinette and fashion from barsine! DVDs of Planet Earth and Bleak House from P's parents and siblings respectively! And lots more!). I do like being home; I'm over for dinner regularly, of course, but I only ever stay there at Christmas, and there's something very comfortable about the whole lot of us just arsing around the house.

Especially as there was another addition to the household: Ju Ju! Who had to be kept separate from my parents' cat, the bold and vile Tots, who is an absolute savage. It all went surprisingly well, and Ju Ju was on her best behaviour and won the hearts of all, including every single visitor to the house who all squeeed at the sight of her funny little bear-like face. But she did go a bit stir crazy after a couple of days, so she was glad to be home last night, where she was allowed, as a treat, to sleep on Patsington's and my bed. What an indulged little beast she is.

Hope you are all having a lovely festive season!
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