The Monkey Princess (stellanova) wrote,
The Monkey Princess

to catch a thief

What a brilliant way to end off 2006 - my wallet got nicked out of my bag just before we left the pub tonight. I am particularly pissed off because I brought my bag to the loo every single time I went all night APART FROM THE LAST TIME, which is when it got stolen, and to make it even worse my wallet had actually been out on the table all night and I had put it (and my phone) back in the bag at the end of the evening just before heading off to the loo prior to departure. My friend R said afterwards that two dodgy looking blokes had sat down in the empty seats next to our table for a few minutes while I was in the loo and he hadn't thought much of it but realised that they must have stolen my beloved Queen Bee wallet. Oh well. I've cancelled my Visa and ATM/debit cards, and hopefully they won't use my library cards and Boots loyalty card in some elaborate identity theft scam. Very fucking annoying, though. And I won't get my new cards until next Monday, probably. Bah.

On the plus side, my new iPod and the aforementioned phone were untouched. Thank goodness for stupid criminals.
Tags: raaar, woe is me
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