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my life in bullet points

1. On Friday my entire immediate family (apart from the one that's in London), along with Patsington and Mr leedy, went for a vast and very enjoyable feast in our favourite Chinese restaurant, where we gorged on twice cooked pork, spicy aubergine and ma po tofu. Yum yum. The most exciting thing about the entire evening, of course, was that I got given lots of PRESENTS, as the Amazon order containing books, CDs and DVDs intended to be part of my Christmas present from my parents and my aunt finally arrived. And contained a Beverly Hills 90210 Season One box set! Oh yeah. I've watched the first three episodes and they are hilarious - even cheesier than I remember, if that's possible. And oh my God, could Brandon be even more of a condescending arse? And could Kelly be dressed any worse? She'll have to try very hard to top the denim cut-off shorts worn over blue polka dot cycling shorts and topped off with a a blue waistcoat. My eyes, my eyes!

2. The evening also included my aunt giving me a belated birthday present of 100 quid and the order to spend it all on "frivolous things". So I took it into town on Saturday and bought lots of lovely cheap clothes, including several little smock dresses from Penneys and H&M, a delightful stripey jumper (H&M) and an even more delightful little black hoodie with fitted, slightly puffed-at-the-top sleeves, covered in faint silver stars (also H&M). And I caved in and finally, months after they made their sneaking return, bought the first pair of leggings to grace my person in about 16 years. I couldn't help it! The reason I was holding out was because it seemed frankly creepy to wear leggings under little frocks, something I last wore aged about 14. But sod it, it looks cute, and my new smocks are delightful. I just don't know how to cope with the freezing cold ankles and feet that will inevitably ensue...

3. Last week Patsington and I took a break from our marathon viewing of the absolutely brilliant Bleak House to watch another Christmas aquisition - the Mighty Boosh live DVD. I was sadly disappointed by the uneven second series but oh my God, the live show is hilarious. The grand climax...with the flying...I don't want to give too much away, but I was crying with laughter. The trailer has some clips...

How I wish they had done the show in Dublin! It worked so well on stage - the musical bits, the sets, the ad-libbing - it was all fabulous. I do love the Boosh. Also, they are both inexplicably hot (especially Noel Fielding. Mmmmmm, Noel Fielding. Who else could pull off a sparkly catsuit like that?). Speaking of whom, did anyone else see him team up with Russell Brand on that Big Fat Quiz of the Year thing on Channel 4 (if not, you can see the entire thing on Youtube)? They were fantastic together! I wish they really would make that show about goth detectives. I'd watch it.

4. Ju Ju's baby wrangling powers are undiminished! We had an infant visitor on Sunday afternoon, a delightful chubby-cheeked nine-month old, who went into literal paroxyms of joy at the sight of the stout feline. Ju Ju was bizarrely serene with baby Rosa, as is apparently and mysteriously her wont when faced with babies, and allowed Rosa to poke and pet her (while being held firmly in my arms). Why do babies bring out this kindly side of Ju Ju? It's a mystery.
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