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Wow, Battlestar Galactica really is the best programme on television these days, isn't it? Seriously, it really is, by a million miles. The complex and not always likeable characters, the uncompromising political subtexts, the fact that Baltar is a rare fictional villain who does evil because he's a selfish coward rather than because he's actually actively bad, the fact that Roslin initially seemed to be a touchy-feely stereotypical female politican and then turned out to be almost scarily tough, the way the producers aren't afraid to kill off major characters, the two different versions of Sharon being sympathetic in different ways, the always surprising and well-crafted plots...just everything, really. Apart from that boxing match episode; that was crap. But the new post-hiatus episode that aired on US TV last night more than made up for it.

For the last few months - ever since the long-awaited new season started - a bunch of us have been having regular Battlestar Galacticons (oh yeah) courtesy of barsine's beau, whose DVD player can handle avis. We gather in their sitting room (while poor barsine, who hasn't seen the first two seasons of the show, stays out in exile) and eat our weight in delicious snacks and watch about four episodes in a row. Our last Battlestarfest was last week, at which we watched the three most recent episodes which aired before Christmas, but the final cliffhanger episode was so good and exciting that Patsington and I were weak and aquired last night's new episode and watched it this evening rather than wait a few weeks for the next Battlestarfest. And we'll probably be weak next week as well. Oh dear. I am addicted! I've been addicted since Patsington and I stayed up until two o'clock in the morning because, to our amazement, the comeback miniseries was really, really good (Sky aired it in one night before they started showing the first season)! I can't help it!

Of course, Jacob recaps it on TWoP in his inimitable (read: shit) style. And he gave the boxing episode an A+ rating! Must he continue to spoil every programme I love? Grrrr.
Tags: battlestar, the drug of the nation
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