The Monkey Princess (stellanova) wrote,
The Monkey Princess

the woes of poor patsington

Patsington has always suffered from migraines, but they've usually been relatively mild and short-lasting. Alas for Patsington, who was playing a gig over in Galway on Friday night, this seems to have changed. He rang me after the gig saying he had a bit of a headache, and rang the following morning saying it had developed into a full-on migraine, of a severity he'd never experienced before. His mother gets migraines like this, and a few weeks ago his sister had such a bad one she had to go to hospital in case it was actually an aneurysm or something, but this was the first time Patsington had been stricken. We were meant to be going out for dinner in Jade with friends last night, and Patsington was planning on driving home early, but the pain was too bad and he had to stay on in Galway for a bit longer.

It seemed to get a bit better as the day went on, and he thought he would be able to go out, but just after I arrived in town to meet up with barsine prior to the dinner, poor Patsington rang saying he had only just got in the car and would in no way be up to an outing. No twice cooked pork for us! So I cancelled the dinner* and met with barsine, Patsington having assured me that he was fine really and was just drained but if it got worse he would get medical help.

barsine and I had a delightful time and a couple of drinks in Dragon, and on my way to the bus stop I rang Patsington to see if he wanted me to get him something in the takeaway on the way home. And P's friend Cormac answered, and told me that Patsington's migraine had taken a turn for the worse, and the doctor had to be called to the house! I didn't know that doctors even still made house calls. So I was very worried in case this really was an aneurysm or something, and got home as quickly as I could, to find Patsington lying on the couch under a blanket with Ju Ju on his tummy, feebly eating a bar of Dairy Milk. The doctor had been and gone (Cormac had left too), and the doctor had confirmed that it really was just a migraine, albeit a bad one, and not anything life-threatening, and he had given Patsington an injection(!) of some crazy probably-addictive painkiller which had made Patsington feel so much better that soon he was plaintively asking me to make him scrambled eggs on toast, which I did. Today the poor invalid is feeling a bit better but is languishing in bed, and I have become a sort of nurse, succumbing to his (surely migraine-unfriendly) requests for coffee. Pray...for...Mojo!

*Gah, I hate cancelling things, especially at short notice. I always feel like I'm being rude and usually end up waffling until the other person is forced to say "so you can't come then, can you?".
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