The Monkey Princess (stellanova) wrote,
The Monkey Princess

wheezy street

Poor Patsington. The wicked hoover, in what must be a last ditch attempt to do as much damage as possible before we get rid of it forever and welcome a shiny new Dyson (out of stock all over Dublin until Friday, which is why we didn't buy it at the weekend), decided while being used on Saturday to expel as much as dust as possible out of its vile crevices. The result was an asthma attack for Patsington, and 48 hours (and counting) of wheeziness.

However, as I am a heartless wench, I have been inspired by the ailing asthmatic to adapt some popular songs for his entertainment. So far I have been serenading him with renditions of 'Wheezy Lover', 'Wheezy Like Sunday Morning' (sung yesterday when bringing him coffee in bed - see, i am not really that heartless) and 'Wheezy to Dance With' (complete with a tap dancing solo). I have just remembered 'Easy Street' from Annie, so he's going to be hearing that one later. But any more suggestions gratefully received (although possibly not by Patsington, heh heh heh)...
Tags: patsington
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