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you like me, you really like me! well, some of you do.

Good Lord, I've been nominated for Best Arts and Culture Blog in the Irish Blog Awards, under my LJ's official Hogarthian name, The Harlot's Progress! Who knew that waffling on about hoovers and a mutant cat counted as culture? I suppose I do rant about artsy stuff as well, though, from time to time. So thank you very, very much to all the mysterious people (whoever they are) who voted to nominate me! Now the rest of you, do please go here and vote for me, because being an egomaniac, I would like all the awards I can get (I don't have even a vague chance of winning, but come on, you might as well vote for me just for a laugh). And vote for some of my RL friends and aquaintances in their categories (apart from the one in which they overlap with me, heh heh), like Back Seat Drivers,, Empire State View and Sinéad Gleeson and anyone else I may have forgotten to mention. Good luck to you all!

Um, I suppose I should have something about the arts now. Or culture. Um. Patsington and I watched Primeval tonight and it was ridiculously silly but quite entertaining. And then we watched Ant and Dec's quiz show Poker Face and to our immense surprise it was actually really good! I thought (when I thought about it at all, which was for a split second when I looked at the telly schedule on Saturdays, noticed it was on, and instantly dismissed any thought of watching ITV that night) that it was actually about poker, but actually it is all about keeping a poker face so the other contestants would overestimate your mad quiz skillz and fold themselves out of the game rather than compete with your genius self and lose all the cash. All the contestants were trying to bluff their way through and pretend they weren't nervous, and they all lied away like anything about the reasons why they knew the answers to really tough questions. It was hugely entertaining.

Oh dear, that's still not very cultural, is it? I watched three House of Eliott episodes this afternoon, but I don't think that counts. Um, I'm still reading Adam Gopnik's Through the Children's Gate, which is quite respectable (although, I really like him, but he really does live in a posh literary New York bubble, doesn't he?). And this afternoon I was listening to Michael Nyman's brilliant Draftsman's Contract soundtrack, but I was reading a Chalet School book at the same time, which sort of cancels it out. Oh God, I don't deserve the nomination at all! But vote for me anyway.
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