The Monkey Princess (stellanova) wrote,
The Monkey Princess

london by numbers

Miles walked around London: about ten zillion

Lovely LJ people met: four

Cigarettes smoked: way too many

Alcoholic drink consumed: quite a lot

Fancy food eaten: lots

Fantastic art exhibitions attended: one

West End shows seen: one

Books bought: several

Insanely expensive yet magically effective Chantacaille make-up product purchased: one

Clothes bought: none, bizarrely enough, although I did try on lots of stuff

Tears shed at Foundling Museum exhibit of tokens left by women with their babies when they gave them up in the mid-18th century: a few sniffly ones. Thank heavens for...

...Liberty hankies purchased: three

Gigs attended: one (and it was great)

Albums transfered to my iPod from computer of Busta J and her roguish beau: a lot. Seriously, an awful lot. About 4GB worth.

Hours I need to sleep to recover from my exertions: loads

Fun had: lots and lots

Delight at reunion with Patsington: immeasurable
Tags: london 2007
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