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I will write a proper post about London soon (although I should say how lovely it was to see yiskah, felinitykat and snowballjane again, even if the first two did get to see me rambling drunkenly - I blame consuming no non-caffeinated liquids all day, flying, and then knocking back several glasses of wine and a dirty great pint of cider - and finally meet the truly delightful glitterboy1, who along with Jane got to hear me rambling soberly about hoovers. It's hard to say who got the worse deal, really). But in the meantime, I would like to tell you that this morning, along with Patsington and several chums, I CLIMBED A MOUNTAIN.

An actual mountain, not, like, a metaphorical one. This one, in fact. As you can see, it's hardly Everest, or even Ben Nevis, and it was actually pretty easy, not least because the weather was sunny and gorgeous. When we finally arrived at the top we had an absolutely fantastic view, which made all the scrambling about totally worth it. In fact, it was so warm that we lounged about on some rocks for a while, although my feeling of climbing triumph was dimmed somewhat by the sight of a family, including a five year old and an actual baby in a sling, striding forcefully around the peak a few minutes after our accension. Then we climbed down again, drove to Enniskerry, feasted on fancy burgers and drove home again. Bizarrely enough, although the climb itself was strenuous but perfectly do-able, I am now incredibly physically knackered and want to go to bed, but we are going down to Patsington's parents house to be fed, so I will try and stay awake for a while.
Tags: london 2007, the great outdoors
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