The Monkey Princess (stellanova) wrote,
The Monkey Princess

rockin' with her bear ears

Patsington and I have many songs which we sing around the house, most of which are far too twee to repeat here. However, this photo on Cute Overload sums up why one of our favourites, addressed to Ju Ju, goes "Bear ears! Bear ears! I'm talkin' 'bout those bear ears! [spoken] She's got bear....ears [sung] Bear ears, bear ears! She's rockin' with her bear ears!"

Because as you can see, she is.

In other news, yesterday was Patsington's 32nd birthday, and we feasted on Japanese food before joining chums in the boozer, where my dear friend the Mozzer presented me with a terrifying book she found in a charity shop called After Every Wedding Comes A Marriage, which was written by a crazy American Christian and which is one of the funniest/scariest things I've ever seen. I will write more of it anon. Anyway, thanks to everyone who came out to cheer the aged Patsington (well, aged 6 months older than me). We spent today lolling about the house, cooking a delicious casserole, and watching the finale of Project Catwalk (I never mentioned it here, but I love that show, even though so many of the designs were hideous. It's just cool to see a reality show where people actually have to do something creative and imaginative). The most startling thing about today was the fact that this morning it was so warm and sunny that I could sit out in the back garden in my 'jamas drinking tea and reading an Elizabeth Peters book for ages. Spring is sprung!
Tags: ju ju and her bear ears
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