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baby scientists with faulty data

This morning I brunched with my mother for the day that was in it and in the afternoon Patsington and I went to a baby's birthday party. Which was great fun, except to get there we had to walk half way up what might as well have been a mountain amid what suddenly turned into a howling blizzard. Seriously, yesterday morning I was sitting out in the back garden in my 'jamas, today I was practically crawling up a hill with snow whipping around my face. It was almost surreally cold, and I wasn't dressed for it as under my parka (thank god for that garment), I was wearing a rayon tea-dress over a long-sleeved tight brown t-shirt - hardly winter wear. But the party was great fun, and the birthday girl (inspired by the Gnome's affection for its sister book, I got her That's Not My Bunny! along with a posh but v cute baby cutlery set, which she adopted as toys) and her infant friends were hilarious. But we got back at about eight and it has taken me since then to warm up. Brrrrr.

By the way, the new Mansfield Park adaptation was a bit crap, wasn't it? They were trying to make the godawful Fanny Price into a sort of playful free spirit figure, but when they cut out her sanctimoniousness there wasn't much left. It was very boring. I hope they don't balls up Northanger Abbey (my favourite Austen) next week.
Tags: day by day, the drug of the nation
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