The Monkey Princess (stellanova) wrote,
The Monkey Princess

don't ask for the moon

Is Ju Ju's bear-eared (because he is actually a bear) lookalike in danger of assassination? Say it ain't so! He's so cool! Also his name, hilariously, is Knut.

Yesterday a friend and I had an afternoon of melodrama, in which we watched Now Voyager and a totally awesome and amazingly camp film called Leave Her to Heaven, which I had shamefully never even heard of before. But it ruled! Especially because the characters moved from house to house throughout the film, each of which was even cooler than the last. We were particularly taken by their rustic retreat, Back o' the Moon (which, as I sniggeringly pointed out during the viewing, sounds kind of dirty), which featured lots of levels and cosy nooks, but the fancy New Mexico retreat was rather rocking too. Why doesn't someone invent a hotel whose rooms are reproductions of fantastic rooms from films? I know I'd stay there. Anyway, I heartily recommend holding a melodrama afternoon to anyone suffering from the "I thought Spring had arrived and had put away my gloves and scarves and now it's snowing" blues. Who cares about the weather when you've got Gene Tierney chatting someone up by telling him that he looks extraordinarily like her father, to whom she was always unnaturally close, or Bette Davis sporting what appear to be Groucho Marx's eyebrows and adopting a (frankly vile) neurotic child? And then there's the lighting-two-fags-at-once trick. And Gene Tierney's magical make-up that survives several minutes of swimming under water. And did I mention Bette's eyebrows? Pure magic!
Tags: day by day, ju ju, kultur
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