The Monkey Princess (stellanova) wrote,
The Monkey Princess

"stay out of camberwick green!"

Wow, Life on Mars was particularly great tonight, wasn't it? The first few minutes - from the awe-inspiring Camberwick Green homage to Sam's increasingly trippy run through the streets (complete with lollypop ladies with signs bearing the words "Oh shit!") - was one of the best crafted pieces of sci-fi/magic-realism/whatever-you-want-to-call-it-when-fantastical-impossible-things-happen-in-films-and-telly I've ever seen on screen. And the whole episode was just beautifully done - from Sam's TV visions, to the depiction of events through the eyes of different observers, to the revelation in the final scene (yeah, I'd guessed, but it was very well, and very creepily, done).

In fact, although I thought it got off to a slightly substandard start, this series (in our sense of the word - season to Americans) has been excellent. The Irish episode was particularly good - at the end, the now free innocent non-'Ra lefty Irish labourer who was wrongfully arrested tells Hunt and Sam "you think we're just good for shoveling shit and making bombs. Well, I'm tired of shoveling shit." Sigh. And then there was the sad irony of Hunt's silly bigotry: "the Irish would never blow up a pub..." Also, the repeated use of one particular well-known expression in the episode provided us with Patsington's new idea for a stage name: Paddy Bastard. Imagine a devoted fan hailing him on the street - "Hey, YOU, PADDY BASTARD!" Heh heh.

But yeah, Life on Mars. It's brilliant. I can't wait to find out what'll happen in the last episode, but I'll be sad when this fantastic programme is over for good. It's the best thing the BBC drama department have done since Bleak House.
Tags: god bless the bbc, life on mars
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