The Monkey Princess (stellanova) wrote,
The Monkey Princess


Huzzah, the final results are in: I won the first session of the_book_game! I am rather amazed but delighted. A new round should be beginning soon, and I strongly recommend that anyone who likes creative, silly games signs up. Basically, you are given the blurb of a random book and have to come up with a potential opening line for it. Everyone's ideas are posted, along with the actual first line, and everyone has to vote for what they think the real one might be. If you correctly guess the actual first line, you get a point, and you also get a point for everyone who voted for your own fake suggestion. It's great fun coming up with convincing first lines, and it's also entertainingly tricky spotting the real thing. So go on, join the community!
Tags: huzzah, the book game
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