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back to the beginning....

Wow, has everyone seen this? It's the artwork from the proposed Buffy animated series. So fucking cool. I am usually too scared to look up anything Buffy-related online for fear of being spoiled about current American-goings on, but there was a link to this from this week's Popbitch (by the way, do you all get Popbitch mailed to you? If not, you should.) so I knew what it was. Does anyone know what happened to the series? I gather it's never going to happen, which is a huge shame.

I really don't like the fact that Dawn was going to be in it, though. It's not that I don't like the character (I do), but....this is revisionist history! She didn't exist back then! Okay, okay I know that none of it is real, but just like in Normal Again, it feels like a weird betrayal of fans to pretend that all our memories of the first season (or the whole thing) were somehow fake.

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