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it's just....buttons, now

I was pretty underwhelmed by Ugly Betty when it started, but oh, how it has improved. Yeah, the characters are all caricatures, but there's something really good hearted about the whole programme, and it knows how to do camp properly (unlike the craptastic Desperate Housewives, which is both unfunny and misogynistic and always has been). I've been watching the latest US episodes and the most recent one was both totally hilarious (a cat called Lady Buttons of Camelot! Who gets demoted to mere Buttons by her horrible owner when she loses a cat show!) and genuinely really rather moving. I might just have shed a wee tear at my desk (yeah, I was watching it at work. Hey, I work at a fashion magazine (albeit one in which we eat lots of chocolate and are actually nice to each other)! It's research!

I love, love loved Marc standing up for Betty's family, especially Justin. Marc is my favourite character anyway, but I thought they've always managed to show his human side without clashing with his essential bitchiness (I also adored his advice to Justin in an earlier episode: "Be who you are, wear what you want - just learn how to run real fast."). It wasn't like he had a huge change of heart, or was even going to be nice to the Suarezes to their faces, but his genuine appreciation for their kindness and his affection for all of them but especially Justin rose to the surface when his vile mother was nasty about them. It was made, dramatically, even better by the fact that his mother didn't do the heartwarming sitcom thing (a la Santos on the subway the other week - a scene which I did find very sweet, I might add) and Marc was soon back to being his evil self - on the outside, at least, although I think he and Betty both know that he does really like Betty, whatever he might say.

So yes, hurrah for a programme that manages to be kind and bitchy, sometimes at the same time.



Mar. 28th, 2007 12:08 pm (UTC)
They just do the bitchiness so well! But they don't handle the sweet bits too badly either. I think the first couple of episodes were just too tame, but now they seem to have found their groove.


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