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Although we still haven't set a date for the wedding - it will probably be about this time next year, but it depends on whether and when we can book the Unitarian Church - every so often I have glanced at the myriad "alternative wedding" books and websites that are squarely aimed at the supposedly non-bridezilla indie rock pseudo-hipster who would rather read Bust than Brides. I thought I might find some genuinely imaginative ideas for catering, dress-making, invitations and that sort of thing. But all these sites and books seem to operate on one premise: that your basic idea of a wedding involves a huge amount of fuss. It's taken for granted that you want elaborate flowers, and wedding favours (whatever the hell they are - I mean, I have a vague idea, but we don't do that on this side of the Atlantic), and place settings, and elaborate table decorations, and a guest list that includes everyone you've ever met along with all your parents' friends. So basically all the suggestions seem to be about doing these big things cheaply or in a different way rather than doing something completely different. I read one guide that offered radical suggestions like "you don't actually have to ask the neighbour you haven't talked to since you were five!" Wow, what a relief. Budgetting tips include getting friends to provide the flower arrangements (why the obsession with flowers? I don't care about flowers! I mean, I like them, but they're hardly an essential element in Patsington and I deciding to formalise our commitment to and love for each other) and making your own wedding favours. I dunno, it's not like I want to just have a reception upstairs in a pub, but nor do I think that anything beyond decent food and excellent music are wedding reception essentials. We may end up running off to elope after all (except we won't really, because I do want my family and friends to be there)...
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