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There's a fabulous piece in today's Guardian about Buffy and the new comic, which pretty much sums up my feelings.

"Do we even need Buffy back? After all, all seven seasons of the TV show are out now on DVD. Well, maybe we do need her, or at least someone very like her. Maybe you can't have too much of a good thing. I watched Shrek rescue Princess Fiona from a castle the other day with a three-year-old of my acquaintance, and afterwards he said: "Mummy, why didn't the princess rescue herself?" Which is a good question, especially as Princess Fiona is later revealed to have ninja fighting skills. The thing is, it wouldn't happen on Buffy. Buffy sometimes got rescued by her friends and lovers, but that was always the exception to the rule. In Buffy, week after week, year after year, it was the princess who turned up, just in the nick of time, to save the world."

The first issue of the comic is great, by the way. It really feels like authentic Buffy, and it made me realise how much I'd missed the real thing.
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