The Monkey Princess (stellanova) wrote,
The Monkey Princess

the perils of a sunny day

1. I put sunscreen on Ju Ju's ears and surrounding area. She wriggles a bit but basically behaves herself.

2. Ju Ju waddles outside and sits in the sunniest spot possible. But her factor 50+ should protect her delicate bear ears.

3. Ju Ju starts washing all the sunscreen off her ears.

4. Repeat.

This is what Ju Ju and I have been doing today. I have spent much of the morning sitting outside as summer has arrived unexpectedly and with astonishly perfect timing, what with it being a Bank Holiday weekend. Last night Patsington and I watched Volver (fantastic) and caught the end of The Passion of the Christ on the telly, which was quite horrifically violent and not, as far as I could see, particularly moving or spiritual (unlike, say, the Marxist Pasolini's The Gospel According to Saint Matthew). Of course, when I think of the Stations of the Cross, I just think of the local primary school production which we witnessed, amid much sniggering, every year when I was a kid, so my standards are probably not the same as Mel "raised by mad fundie anti-semite" Gibson.

Right, back to the back garden. Hurrah for the sun!
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