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So we were marching for peace on Saturday, and it was bloody brilliant. There is always something so stirring and heart warming about people just turning up and refusing to accept something being done in their name. And there were just so many people (100,000 in Dublin, which is 1 in 40 of the country's entire population), and most of them were just ordinary people, who never usually went on marches, but who didn't agree with the way this "war" is being waged. My friend Louise's dad was one of the organisers of the march, and it was cool to cheer him on as we passed the podium where he was directing proceedings.

By the way, the title of this entry comes from a poem by Rudyard Kipling; it's about the horrors of marching into war, which is a little inappropriate for an entry about the virtues of marching away from it (hopefully), but the phrase kept running around in my head so I had to go with it....


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Feb. 17th, 2003 08:07 am (UTC)
It was sooo good! I was pretty overwhelmed by it all.
All the smiles and drums and dancing. But they were Resolute smiles. the smiles of people determined to be heard, and glad that so many people were there to shout with them
Oh, and i enjoyed the tatu article...
And finally, a recommendation: http://ilonina.diaryland.com
I think you could be friends.
Feb. 17th, 2003 08:14 am (UTC)
ilonina outs herself...
errmmm, froods, I think we already are!

and stella and i might even have marched together for a bit. Isn't the Internet grand...

- Great H
Feb. 17th, 2003 08:33 am (UTC)
Re: ilonina outs herself...
Ooh! i feel all squishy!
Feb. 17th, 2003 03:34 pm (UTC)
Re: ilonina outs herself...
Heavens, my former co-habitee (sounds fancier than housemate), is that you? The internet really is a tiny, tiny place....
Feb. 18th, 2003 01:35 am (UTC)
Re: ilonina outs herself...
Indeed it is. No longer may we share a bathroom but we still share an online addiction... by the way, feel like doing lunch this week?
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