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an irish solution to an irish problem

Why I hate our country's hypocritical "Britain can take care of it, we're a nice Catholic country, thank god for Ryanair and cheap ferries and Welsh hospitals" abortion laws, part ten zillion.

This story made me so angry I cried. F**k all the politicians who won't face up to this issue and take a stand. F**k all the complacent voters who allowed anti-choice zealots to put abortion into our constitution instead of our statute books and ensure that it is incredibly difficult to legislate for abortion. And f**k all the sanctimonious wankers who pontificate about the rights of unborn children while never having to personally face the reality of an unwanted or dangerous pregnancy and don't seem to care about the rights of this born one, a 17 year old, who has ended up in the "care" of the health service.
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