The Monkey Princess (stellanova) wrote,
The Monkey Princess

Why Irish hardcore anti-choicers disgust me, part ten billion.

From today's Irish Times:
Dr Berry Kiely, of the Pro-Life Campaign, said the view that abortion was the "compassionate solution" in this case was mistaken. "The minor at the centre of the case is entitled to be made fully aware of the possible consequences of going through with an abortion," she said.

Youth Defence spokesman Eoghan de Faoite said he found it "quite appalling that a child's life would be ended in such a violent way simply because that child might not live long after he or she is born".

Neither Dr Kiely nor Mr de Faoite will ever have to go through any sort of pregnancy, let alone one that will result in a dead baby. There's no "might" about it, Eoghan. If any proof were needed that these disgusting people, who believe that an abortion will be more traumatic than going through a pregnancy knowing that the baby will die at the end of it, are filled to the brim with misogyny, I think this is it. Fuckers. I didn't think they'd be shameless enough to comment on this, but there you go.
Tags: feminist rage, raaar
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