The Monkey Princess (stellanova) wrote,
The Monkey Princess

high maintenance

My kindly colleague who looks after beauty stuff regularly gives away stuff she doesn't want (in recent months I have snagged some very nice Prescriptives and M.A.C. mascara, some lovely shimmery Bobbi Brown eyeshadow, and a fabulous Origins "rejuvenating serum" which had an almost miraculous and instant effect on my flaky winter skin).

But I have also aquired several tubes and tubs of very expensive high-factor sun screen for sensitive skin.

Should I tell my generous colleague that ALL THIS SUN STUFF IS FOR JU JU'S BEAR EARS?!

Yes, only the best (free) products for Ju Ju! And nothing less than Factor 50. Got to look after those bear ears...
Tags: hee!, ju ju and her bear ears, my brilliant career
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