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I finally saw the two most recent episodes of Dr Who last night.

So good! SO good! Yesterday I got spoiled by bloody Heat magazine for last Saturday's episode (it was my own fault, I was looking at the TV highlights and there was a reference to Derek Jacobi morphing into John Simm), but luckily I didn't know anything about the watch or that the Professor didn't know he was a time lord so that was genuinely surprising. My jaw may have dropped when I saw the watch. And I actually clapped with gleeful excitement when he announced " Master!" I may have stamped my feet a bit too. Also, David Tennant looked almost too hot for words when he was looking through the window at Jack in the radiation chamber. And Jack's flirting with pretty much everyone attractive on the planet was fabulous. Not sure about depiction of docile Asian insect girl, but it wasn't enough to spoil what was, in general, an absolutely amazing episode with a fantastic ending. TV hasn't made me so bouncy and excited for ages.

And Blink scared the bejaysus out of me (I actually did get up and watch from a distance when our heroes were trying to get in the Tardis and the angels were getting closer), and was a really brilliant time-travel story as well. Loved it. In fact, in general I have loved all of this season. I think it's the best so far of the new batch.
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