The Monkey Princess (stellanova) wrote,
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popish plots

I may be an agnostic with Unitarian leanings, but this annoyed the hell out of me. From a piece on today's Grauniad about Blair's conversion to Catholicism:
But the motives of Catholic politicians have traditionally been regarded with suspicion by non-Catholics, both here and in the US, based on the allegation that they take their orders from the Vatican rather than the electorate. Catholic political leaders have always denied it - but the recent antics of some bishops in the US during the 2004 presidential campaign when they threatened to deny John Kerry communion because of his support for abortion rights and, recently, Cardinal Keith O'Brien's warning that he would do the same in Scotland, have tended to confirm old suspicions.

No, they confirm suspicions that the Church is conservative. They actually show that individual Catholics act on their own consciences and are clearly not "taking orders from the Vatican", as many of them are pro-choice. But hey, who needs logic when you can lump an entire religious group together as fundies with no minds of their own?
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