The Monkey Princess (stellanova) wrote,
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what the world needs right now is a doctor...

Wow, that was exciting and genuinely quite scary. I loved many things about it (and I may have shed a beaming tear when everyone around the world was thinking of the Doctor, cheesy though it was - it made me wish I could watch it en masse on the big screen at Pride in Trafalgar Square) although I'm sad that Martha's going, because I think she's great. I had guessed that the Toclafanes were the Utopians (I didn't realise that Toclafanes is a bastardisation of the French for "fool the fans", though, which is quite funny). I liked the truth about Martha's mission, and I was impressed by the sheer homoeroticism of the Master's death. Poor old lonely Doctor. And poor Martha, back on earth, although at least she chose it, unlike Rose. And Jack is the Face of Boe! Who would have thought it?

I didn't like the aged Doctor being forced to live in a tent with a dog's bowl outside, which reminded me of the first thing I ever read that really unsettled and disturbed me rather than just scaring me, which was a reference in When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit (which I read when I was about 8) to a Jewish professor forced by Nazi guards to live in a kennel and eat and drink from dog's bowls. I'm glad we didn't see too much of the Doctor's constant degradation - I was going to say dehumanisation, but that doesn't quite work. De-Timelord-isation? Anyway, I was glad to see the Doctor restored to full vigour by the end of what has been, in my humble opinion at least, the best of the new series. And gah, six months until the next episode! Is it Christmas yet?
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