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So, as I gushed yesterday, I met Sarah Waters! And I can report:

1:She is cute, and quite small.

2: She has really nice runners (that's trainers or sneakers to you non-micks)

3: Her girlfriend is obsessed with Jane Austen.

4: She has mixed feelings about the TV adaptation of Tipping the Velvet (she said a few critical things about it, especially the portrayal of Florence and the grotesque portrayal of the older lesbian characters but then quickly said that it was very good).

5: She drinks camomile tea.

6: She is a great person with whom to talk about 19th century fiction, especially Dickens and Wilkie Collins.

7: Her new book, which will be set in the '40s, won't be finished for a while, and she's reading loads of '40s books to get the right tone in her head.
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