The Monkey Princess (stellanova) wrote,
The Monkey Princess


And the title of this post is particularly apt, because the reason I feel a bit sick and Mojo-esque is because my dinner this evening consisted of a big tub of cinema popcorn, eaten while watching a screening the Simpsons film. My verdict? Not quite as perfect as it could have been (or as it probably would have been if it had been made about 10 years ago), but still enormously, and consistently, funny. I started laughing at the 20th Century Fox trumpety thing before the credits (you'll see why) and kept going. You WILL be singing the Spider Pig song on your way out of the cinema. And do stay for the credits.

ETA: warning, spoilers for some very funny jokes in the comments! Also the overuse of the word 'film' in one paragraph.
Tags: cinematographic
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