The Monkey Princess (stellanova) wrote,
The Monkey Princess

foux da fa fa

Hello! I am back from my adventures, and am very tired. Most of last week was spent doing two things:

1. Walking
2. Eating

I am also now very poor, which is what happens when you have to eat out for every meal for a week. Dear oh dear. I will be living on beans on toast for a while. Alas I am not poorer by the price of one wedding dress, because I didn't find one. I did find a very cute little '50s cotton frock for €25 in the same shop where, on my last trip to Paris a few years ago, I bought two of my favourite ever dresses. Anyway, Paris was gorgeous, and a pleasure to walk around, and we went to Versailles which was amazing (although I got bitten by myriad insects - which reminded me that the palace was built on a reclaimed swamp), especially le Petit Trianon (the house is lovely and the infamous farm is astonishingly cute and very, very wong). Inspired by my French adventures, I'm now reading Mark Steele's excellent and very funny book about the French revolution, which I started a few years ago and never finished because I had loads of stupid books to read for work at the same time.

I'm really knackered today, a fact not helped by the fact that just several hours after arriving in my native land, I was at a friend's birthday party which culminated in a bout of wild dancing (with dramatic actions!) to the soundtracks of Westside Story and Singin' in the Rain. Very, very funny, but also very tiring. I want to go to bed now.
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