The Monkey Princess (stellanova) wrote,
The Monkey Princess

checking out ju ju

Ju Ju the bonnet wearer has developed a funny scab on her chin and has to go and get it checked out at the vet tomorrow morning. As you may know, Ju Ju's check-ups make me extremely nervous - whenever she gets a little scab on her ears I apply her anti-inflamatory ointment and it goes away, but I can't apply it so close to her mouth and I don't know how the vet can treat it. The vet said this morning that chin scabs are very unlikely to be skin cancer, but I'm always scared that he might find something, and there's a mark on her nose that looks like ingrained dirt (white shows the stains!) but now I'm worried that it could be something dangerous. Please send positive thoughts in Ju Ju's direction.
Tags: ju ju and her bear ears
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