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Gorgeous George

So, did anyone hear George Clooney on Desert island Discs this morning? Good God, that man is charming. I remember when he first appeared in E.R., which I didn't watch, and loads of women's magazines were raving about how gorgeous he was, and the pictures of him did nothing for me. Then I saw him in Out of Sight, and I had to admit, he had star quality. He's been proving this ever since.

He really is an old fashioned film star, in a very good way. And when you realise that not only is he funny and charming and dashingly attractive, but that he's also an old fashioned lefty - well, I can't resist his allure any more. He told a great story on the radio this morning about how when his family attended big functions (his dad was a TV new reader) in Kentucky, where he grew up, he and his sister always started bolting their food if anyone at the table made a racist remark, because they knew that their dad would make a big scene and walk out, and they wanted to get as much fancy food down them as possible.

He also does lots of good things for indie film, and doesn't seem to have becomes some sort of "now I am rich and famous,I can't imagine how anyone survives without a huge household staff". Sue Lawley was talking to him about taking low pay cheques for indie films, and said "you did [one of his indie films, can't remember which one] for nothing", and he said "well, no, not nothing, it was for $125,000, which is much more than most people earn in a year."

And even though I normally hate this journalist, even she can't stop his charm coming though in this interview.

Yeah. I like him.
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