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england calling

One of my favourite books is Jan Struther's funny, acerbic Mrs Miniver, and I've long wanted to see the famous film of it, the one Churchill credited with getting the American public to support joining the war. So I was delighted to find it in a three DVDs for €30 in Laser on Sunday, and got it along with copies of Mildred Pierce and Funny Face. And I'm watching it now, and good sweet Jesus, why did I not know that the cast, apart from Greer Garson in the title role, is almost entirely American and none of them can do anything approaching a decent English accent? Some of them seem to have given up even trying after their first few scenes. It was very obviously filmed in America too and none of the sets look English at all. Apparently a lot of this was quite conscious - the film makers were trying to make England look familiar and accessible to American viewers - but it's very distracting and annoying when you're watching a film supposedly set on the Home Front. Also, the film is way, way more sugary and cutesy than the delightful book. I'm rather disappointed.

Anyway, I've had a very nice bank holiday, involving a morning spent listening to Radio 4 and knitting socks, watching Ju Ju (who has seemingly returned to full health after her recent bout of illness) walk around shouting, before heading out for a country walk and a trip to the Ecoshop in Glen of the Downs. I couldn't be more of a middle class stereotype if I tried, I'm afraid.
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