The Monkey Princess (stellanova) wrote,
The Monkey Princess

the writing's on the wall

I'm off to London in a couple of hours! And I will see some of you there. I am currently debating whether to risk bringing my knitting on the plane - bamboo double-pointed needles, so they won't set anything off, and really they're no more pointy than a pencil, but who knows whether this is enough? I'll ask when I'm checking my bags in, I couldn't bear them to throw away my nice new bamboos.

Anyway, I suppose I'd better go and, like, pack, and have a shower and get Ju Ju ready for her trip to the cattery at the vet. But before I go, I'll leave you with this: Stevie Wonder doing 'Superstition' (one of the greatest songs ever) on Sesame Street circa 1972. Note that (a) Stevie and his band perform the whole song, which lasts for 6 minutes - you wouldn't get that on kids' TV now (b) Stevie is surprisingly hot and also totally into performing on Sesame Street, which is awesome and (c) best of all, there is what one commenter on Jezebel (whence this link came) described as "the rad little kid on the fire escape just ROCKING the fuck out." Pure unadulterated joy. Enjoy.
Tags: day by day, linkage, musik non stop
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