The Monkey Princess (stellanova) wrote,
The Monkey Princess

bums on seats

During a conversation in the office last week, it was revealed that several of my colleagues not only never let their bottoms touch a loo seat in the office, but that they never sit down on a loo seat ANYWHERE OUTSIDE THEIR OWN HOME. Like, not even in their friends' houses. They hover, or cover the seat in loo paper. Now, I consider myself to be a person of ordinary hygiene, and I would not, obviously, sit on a toilet seat that was dirty or, in the case of public loos, a bit grubby or dodgy-looking, but as the only part of most people's anatomy that comes into contact with a toilet seat are the tops of their legs and the side of their bum, it has never crossed my mind that there's something gross about sitting in the same place as long as the place itself is clean. To be honest, if it's a question of revoltingness, surely touching the doorhandle of a public lavatory cubicle (or anywhere else, if you really start becoming germphobic) is much more disgusting, as people are likely to have touched it before washing their hands. Am I remarkably unsanitary for sitting down on the loo in my friends' houses, or are my colleagues, well, kind of mad?

And yes, when I said I wished I could post more often, I didn't think I would be posting about people's bathroom habits. But there you go.

In other news, spring has hit the park, which is a blaze of crocuses and daffodils. It's manky and rainy now, but yesterday afternoon was gorgeously sunny, and I walked around it listening to Vampire Weekend and feeling very summery and happy. More afternoons like that, please, and fewer afternoons worrying about stupid work crap.
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