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Another five point lj entry!

1. The dreadful father next door having seemingly just given up on his teenage offspring to start again with his unfortunate new baby (does the baby live next door or not? Does HE still actually live there or not? Who knows! Not the social services, anyway), the weekend parties have begun again. Man, I do feel sorry for that girl (although she is now 18, so it's perfectly legal for him to just leave her on her own for weeks on end), but the reason I am up at half eight on a Saturday morning is because next door they are stil blasting bad techno (last "number" was a ravetastic version of Michael Jackson's 'Earthsong'. Oh yes) and have been doing so all night. I would be sitting out the back garden now if it weren't for the fact that then I'd have to listen to (a) that terrible, terrible music, although it's pulsating through the house anyway so maybe it's not much better in here and (b) the partygoers ridicuously inane conversations. God, I hate them.

2. My laptop has got so slow I'm thinking of going cazy and buying a new Macbook. I've had this iBook for five years and it's been more or less hassle-free - is that a reasonable laptop lifespan?

3. P and I are going down the country today, so the stupid kids can listen to what sounds disturbingly like 2Unlimited as loudly as they like. Friends of ours have a family house in Mayo and we are going to eat lots of delicious food and go for walks. We are taking Ju Ju to the cattery and for a vet check-up, because the foolish little beast has a touch of arthritis and her stout legs are a bit stiff. Wish her luck.

4. We have now watched the first two series of Press Gang and are on to the third. It really is incredibly good, and what's really striking is how ordinary everyone looks. For better or worse, they all actually look like I remember people looking in the early '90s (which is more than I can say for the likes of the glorious 90210, in which, I remember thinking when it was first aired, everyone looked really big-haired and '80s ). But it's quite scary and depressing to realise that if the programme was being made now, everyone from Lynda to Colin's very amusing small-girl assistants would undoubtedly look much glossier and professionally groomed. The older girls wear baggy jumpers, the small girls wear hideous bermuda shorts, and it's a reminder that girls aren't really allowed to look like that on TV anymore. Which makes me sad.

5. I am totally and utterly addicted to the Auszeit game on Neon. Neon is a usually excellent German magazine (although this month's cover is unusually tired and loathesome) whose website is a lesson in how to generate free content as users can write articles. They can also play each other in this amazing game, which is basically like a cross between Connect 4 and Tetris, ie heaven. Basically you get a grid of images. Whenever two or more matching images are side by side, you double click them and they disappear and the images above them slide down. The goal is to get rid of as many images as you can. I was randomly challenged by another user when I was logged in - people basically just offer a challenge to any recent player who is online, it's not a big deal - and I have been ADDICTED ever since. Seriously, it's worth registering on the site just to play!
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