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Patsington and I went to see Radiohead last night in Malahide Castle (for free!). I know it isn's particularly credible to say this, but I firmly believe that post-OK Computer Radiohead are overrated. They've still created some amazing songs, but the albums have been formless and meandering. I remember, years and years ago, reading a review of a Huggy Bear gig at which there was a heckler who at first the reviewer thought was shouting sexist abuse but then turned out to be crying "more structure!" Well, that's kind of what I feel like saying to Radiohead. They're still a brilliant live band (the first time I saw them was in Galway back in 1996, and I went to see them with none other than Patsington), but the more noodly songs, while still good, don't work so well in a huge open-air space; they just kind of drft away on the air in a pleasantly waily way.

And as they only played two pre-Kid A songs, and one of them was 'Exit Music' they weren't exactly rocking out (the other OK Computer song was the opening track, 'Airbag', which is still bloody brilliant and a reminder of what a magical guitarist Jonny Greenwood is. I first heard that song on a sun-filled plane going to Boston back in 1997 - the album was just out and I managed to get a copy just before heading off to America for the summer - and it was the perfect soundtrack for the journey). Still, they were still good, and the crowd was really funny and friendly and reminded me of why I love Dublin; Bon Jovi were playing out in Punchestown last night, and the idea that everyone had intended to go there and come to Radiohead by mistake became a kind of crowd-wide joke, so wherever you went people would ask why the band weren't playing 'Bad Medicine' or just praise the "Punchestown" scenery. It was actually more entertaining than Radiohead, at times...

Anyway, I am writing this on my brand new MacBook! So shiny! And it has Photobooth! And Garage Band, which I can't figure out how to work properly yet - any hints gratefully received.
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