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Another 5 point LJ entry. It's all I can manage right now.

1. I saw Leonard Cohen on Sunday night! He was freaking amazing, and worth the, oh, 32 year wait to see him. Actually, my parents and my sister went to see him in the National Stadium back in '88 and I was offered a ticket and said no, despite grudgingly admitting to liking the then-newish I'm Your Man (the soundtrack to that summer's family holiday to France, bizarrely enough). Anyway, he was wonderful, the coolest old man in music, and there were moments where I was practically in tears. it was an outdoor seated gig, but during 'Take This Waltz' two women waltzed down the aisle near us and soon they were joined by dozens of other waltzing couples who kept dancing throughout the song despite the security people's attempts to stop them. It was kind of magical, rather like the entire gig. He didn't do my favourite song ever ('Sisters of Mercy') but I didn't mind too much.

2. Unearthed early Liz Phair! Oh, Liz, how I loved you back when you were good. Exile in Guyville was the perfect soundtrack to my second year of college.

3. My new MacBook is beautiful and shiny, but it is also annoying, and I request tech advice: we connect to the interbets in our house through a Netopia wireless router. I never had any problems connecting with my old iBook - as soon as I put in the wireless card, it went online. Same goes for this one, but the connection seems to keep cutting out because the airport card keeps "scanning" for new connections despite being connected already. Any suggestions?

4. I finally started watching Gossip Girl which, unsurprisingly, is totally addictive despite the crapness of most of the characters. I did love the fact that Dan described his dad Rufus's '90s band as being "post punk math rock" when Rufus himself looks and dresses (those leather necklaces!) like someone out of Nickleback. I'm assuming they didn't want to cast someone who looks like Stephen Malkmus in the role, but it would have helped.

5. In other camp teen drama news, I am also reading Stephenie Meyers's preposterous Twilight, which is very silly (Edmund Cullen is the crappest secret vampire ever, as he keeps giving hints and "hiding a smile" every time anyone mentions blood or death or vampires or anything vaguely supernatural in his presence. Also he wears truly terrible clothes - there's a bit where the heroine/narrator Bella realises that she's always been so mesmerised by his beauty that she's never really noticed his clothing, and she tells us that he's wearing a beige leather jacket over an ivory turtleneck. Later he dons a slinky knit shirt that shows off his "muscular chest". Good Lord). I just read her most recent novel, The Host, which is a genuinely quite good sci-fi novel set in an Invasion of the Bodysnatchers scenario, after the alien bodysnatchers have won. The narrator, however, is one of the bodysnatchers, and the whole thing is pretty well realised. Sadly, it doesn't include any vampires who sparkle in sunlight, but you can't have everything.
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