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Kate is Great!

Hurrah for cangetmad! The parcel containing loads of brand new Buffy arrived yesterday, and the Boy, his brother and I couldn't resist watching two episodes (in our Buffy-frenzy we would have watched more, but it was one in the morning when the second one ended). Sooooooo exciting! And we have five more left to watch!

Good Things:

Giles! GILES! Or is it actually the scary thing pretending to be Giles? if so, I will be both traumatised and pissed off, because if they have killed off Giles - a hideous thought - I don't want it to be in a stupid semi-off-screen way.

Principal Wood! Unfazed by evil manhole-cover and burying Jonathan! Is he evil? I kept thinking he was since the beginning, even though he was likeable, because (a) he knew a lot about Buffy and offered her a job even though she was totally unqualified) and (b) principal's office is on site of Hellmouth.

Andrew! I love him.

The surprise return of Joyce. Both very sad and creepy as fuck. I kept expecting her face to change into something else, which would have freaked me the hell out.

The sheer shock value (despite cheesey special effects) of the Watcher's Council all being blown up.

Bad Things:

The Slayerettes. No more bad accents. No more!

The fact that the Scooby Gang heard about Jonathan's death off-screen. I think that would have made a great scene, one which I think us long-time viewers deserved to see, but their odd relationship with him was ignored. I mean, Buffy talked him out of killing himself once! How did she react when she heard he had been killed?
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