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will you be my boyfriend?

We played a gig like night in the Ballroom of Romance, and it was absolutely great. I have been so tired and stressed lately that I wasn't really looking forward to this one - I just wanted to stay home and watch Buffy - and things weren't helped by the discovery that the keyboard was broken and there weren't going to be enough mikes for all the singing people.

But! Despite all this, it went really well, with the crowd bellowing for more, and a great time was had by all. Loads of dear friends turned up - thanks for coming, glitzfrau! - including people from college whom I hadn't seen for ages, so it was a sweetly nostalgic night, and unlike my normal nights out these days, I did not become overwhelmed with tiredness at eleven o'clock, and instead stayed out till two in the morning. Which I kind of regretted this morning, but hey. It was lots of fun.

Plus a bunch of Dublin scenester girls - all of whom, besides me, have regulation slightly-dykey-indie-girl-bobs-with-short-fringes hair-dos, heh - are talking about doing a Ladyfest here in Dublin, something I've been going on about for about two years but which I haven't had the initiative to actually do anything about. But it appears there are a few of us who would like to do something, so cool things could be afoot. Watch this space...
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