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How cool is Meg Cabot? I love the Princess Diaries books - I had dismissed them for ages, not least because I saw the rather crappy film on a plane and thought it was evil in a comformist Ally-Sheedy's-makeover-in The Breakfast Club way. But then I interviewed marian Keyes, and she was raving about the books and about how funny they were. So I got one out of the library and lo, Ms Keyes (who is an very underrated comic writer herself, as well as a very good interviewee) was right - the books were really funny, and they also took the piss out of the sugary film adaptation, which was hilarious.

So anyway, I interviewed Meg Cabot over the phone on Wednesday, and she was extremely nice and very funny. And when I asked her when some of her new books are coming out over here, she asked for my address and said she'd send me some copies, because she has loads to spare. This was pretty nice of her, so I gave her my address, but I fully expected never to see those books, because you know, she's a busy author and all that.

But what should be on my desk this morning, but a huge package from New York, packed with loads of books, some of which aren't even out in the US yet! All signed and everything - and sent by Ms Cabot herself in a post office, not by some publisher's minion. I am giddy with glee at the thought of all the goofy, girly entertainment which now awaits me. Now, that's a way to treat the public -or the press - when you are a best-selling writer

Thank you, Meg Cabot! You're a princess yourself.

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