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Operation Piss Off The Planet!

How much do I love The Onion? A lot, that's how much. They're so funny, and so vicious, but it's never empty satire; like the best satire, it comes from a certain moral perspective, and that's what makes it so good.
And so funny ('U.S. Forms Own U.N.' Hee!). As Brecht said (except in German), "to laugh is to criticise".

Oh yeah, and sometimes it's the sort of satire that's effective because it doesn't make you laugh:

Vital Info On Iraqi Chemical Weapons Provided
By U.S. Company That Made Them
BALTIMORE—The Pentagon has obtained vital information on Iraqi chemical weapons from Alcolac International, the Baltimore-based company that sold them to the Mideast nation in the '80s. "It's terrifying what Iraq has," Pentagon spokesman James Reese said Monday. "Saddam possesses massive stockpiles of everything from ethylene to thiodiglycol, according to sales records provided by Alcolac." The Pentagon has also been collecting key intelligence on Iraqi nuclear weapons and guidance systems from Honeywell, Unisys, and other former U.S. suppliers to Iraq.
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