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i'm back from the dead, chillin' on the beaches down in club med

Well, hello. I have returned from my fun and frolics in merrie England, where I spent too much money and had a lot of fun - part of which was meeting the delightful yiskah, which was great.

Good Things About My Week in London (in chronological order)
1. My first visit to Oxford! Lovely, lovely town. I wandered around it in a sort of haze, dazzled by all the utterly familiar names. At one point I had to send Small H a text message: I am outside Balliol! To which, of course, she replied Lord Peter Lord Peter!. I was both disappointed and very pleased that I couldn't wander around the college quadrangles myself, but mostly pleased, because having gone to a tourist-attracting college, I didn't want to be one of the annoying tourists we hated so much, and also was delighted to see that unlike dear old Trinity, the powers that be in Oxford apparently respect the rights of the students to study undisturbed by hordes of gawpers. Oh, the fun of waiting for ten minutes to go to the loo in the Arts Block because a bus-load of elderly Californians had just been herded in for a rest. Anyway, Oxford charmed me, and the gig the NPB and ickle baby Deputy Fuzz played there was great too.

2: Cool shopping! Alas, I found few new clothes, but I did get a copy of Noel Streatfeild's Beyond the Vicarage, which was disgustingly expensive, but worth it, and Monica Dickens's One Pair of Feet, which cost a pound.

3: Meeting yiskah! After a flurry of text messages, we finally met - and recognised each other - outside the Notting Hill Arts Club on Saturday afternoon. She was, of course, absolutely lovely and we had a great afternoon of gig attending and then feasting in a v. nice Italian restaurant down the road, where my sister Jenny accidentally guessed the name of Jess's secret teen crush (heh heh). I hope you enjoyed the evening as much as I did, yiskah - and I hope Jenny and I didn't scare you with our Sweet Valley knowledge! Also met andypop - who recognised Yiskah by her eyebrows! - which was a cool surprise. Andy, you shall be kept posted about any Ladyfest Dublin developments....

4: Saturday night, which, after a big messy "what are we going to do tonight?" debate turned into a fun evening of hanging out in my friend Shane's deliriously posh apartment in Knightsbridge (he works for the Irish Embassy, who are footing the bills), drinking wine, smoking nice dope and talking shite for hours. It was all very college, and great fun too.

Bad Things About the Week

1: The shitty exchange rate, which meant that I spend a revolting amount of money on not very much. Fucking sterling!

2: The annoying Shoreditch twat-types who served me snottly in every bloody shop I entered. You know what? That shaggy mullet and those baggy court-heeled pixie boots looked fucking revolting in 1982 when they first appeared in a Jackie photo-story, and they look fucknig revolting now.

On balance, as you can see, it was a great week, and despite being now incredibly poor, I am very glad I went over. The only truly bad thing is the horror of being away from LJ for so long - I just spent an hour and a half going through five days of friends list.damn you, addictive Livejournal!
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