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So, as I said, I had a magical weekend in New York City. It involved lots of walking around, lots of food, lots of shopping, and the loveliest wedding imaginable. The couple themselves were delghtful (This is the bride, by the way; how cool is that? Very cool, that's how cool. And she was so nice, too.), and the venue itself was just enchanting; the shop was decorated with daisies, and a podium had been erected in front of the windows at the rear. There was a lectern on that, decorated with more daisies and fairy lights, and that's where they were married. The bride is Jewish, and while it wasn't a religious ceremony, there were some elements of the Jewish wedding service in it, like the breaking of glass and sharing of wine, which was very interesting to us Irish Catholics who had never been to a Jewish wedding. However, it was not so interesting later on, after we'd been playing for a while, when the bride's brother came up and, rather worried and apologetic, said that he was sorry to spring this on us, but he wanted to know if we knew any traditional Israeli music. When we said we didn't, really, apart from the basic tune of 'Hava Nagila' (apologies to Jewish readers for undoubted misspelling there), he asked if we knew any jaunty Irish folk music. No luck there either. So the bride and groom were lifted into the air on chairs and everyone danced around them to the strains of Johnny Cash's 'Folsom Prison Blues' - without the vocals, thank goodness. Anyway, even that went down well, and everyone had a lovely time. They both seemed so, so happy, and when they were having their first dance as a married couple, it felt like an honour to be playing the music. I wanna get married in a book shop too, now!

The next day I went shopping, and bought lots of books and the long-awaited new issue of the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (which is one of the most disturbing, icky things I have ever read, and which creeped me out so much for the rest of the day that I found myself wishing I hadn't read it. Damn you Alan Moore, you evil genius!), and that night we played a gig in the Sidewalk Cafe, alongside a lefty hip hop group called Movement in Motion, who were great. Afterwards we dined in a great Indian restaurant down the road, which was notable for being very small and having its walls totally covered with pepper-shaped fairy lights. By the end of our sumptuous meal, we were knackered, and had to go home to bed to make sure we had some energy for our last day in NYC.

And lucky we did, because our final day was fun in a bizarre way. My friend Sara, with whom we were staying, works on East 26th Street, just on Madison Square Park right opposite the Flatiron building, and they were filming Spiderman II right outside her office. We were on our way to meet her for lunch, and found the road blocked by a film crew. Suddenly, Spiderman (okay, a stunt guy in full spidey-outfit) swung right up into the air, about 50 feet off the ground! It looked so cool. So we didn't mind having to wait a few minutes to get into the building. After all, we could watch all the cool dogs rocking out in the dog run in the park.

I am fascinated with dog runs. We have nothing like that here; then again, cities in Britain and Ireland seem to have few dogs on the streets. Every city I've ever been to in continental Europe and in the US, there've always been loads of dogs being walked in the city streets, usually very fancy pedigree beasts. At home or in the UK, there are none. So the Boy and I had fun looking at all the fancy pooches romping around. There was one small Pug who kept trying to play with all the huge dogs, and they were looking at him all "what is this tiny creature?" I love pugs. They have such bold faces.

So, it was a fun ending to a super weekend. I love New York; I always knew I would, and when I finally got there for the first time, in 1997, it didn't disappoint me. It never has, and I hope it never will.
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